Our Organization

Impact 100 Martin is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Co-Chairs of the standing committees, with one being designated as Impact 100 Chair.  Policies are consistent with the Impact 100 Council and TCFMSL.  The main responsibilities of the Executive Committee are to: oversee all committees on coordination, timeliness and completion; and ensure a smooth working relationship with TCFMSL.  There are four standing committees:  Membership, Grants, Events and Marketing/Communications.

2018-2019 Executive Committee

Nancy Wong, Chair Executive & Co-Chair Grants

Denise Belizar, Co-Chair Marketing/Communications

Genevieve George, Co-Chair Events

Arati Hammond, Co-Chair Membership

Betsy Johnson, Co-Chair Grants

Elaine Matts, Co-Chair Membership

Laurie Steiger, Co-Chair Marketing/Communications

Linda Weiksnar, Co-Chair Membership

Rita May Wright Co-Chair Grants

Impact 100 Martin maintains a field of interest fund with The Community Foundation Martin-St. Lucie, (TCFMSL), a 501(c)(3) organization located in Stuart, Martin County, Florida.

TCFMSL’s invaluable assistance has helped to make our chapter a reality.  Their administrative, accounting and grant making assistance has enabled Impact 100 Martin’s membership to rapidly mobilize and fully focus on our collective giving mission.  We are grateful for the support of Elizabeth Barbella, President/CEO; Robin Cartwright, Office & Grants Manager, and Linda Overton, Administrative Assistant.