Our History

Our Mission: Women creating positive, lasting change in our community through collective giving.

Impact100 Martin was founded in 2017 as a local chapter of the national Impact100 Movement. It was founded by Ellyn Stevenson, Board Director of The Community Foundation Martin-St. Lucie, and Elizabeth Barbella, TCFMSL President & CEO, after they attended the Impact100 Council conference in Boca Raton. Impact100 Martin had 107 founding members and awarded its first $100,000 Impact Grant in April 2018.

The concept behind Impact100 Martin is simple: a minimum of 100 women contribute $1,100 each ($1,000 grant monies & $100 administration) and join forces to award a game-changing $100,000 grant to the nonprofit where it will have the most local impact. The Impact Grant will go to a project/program that benefits Martin County and is voted on by all members. All membership contribution dollars except for the $100 administrative fees are given out in grants each year. The number of grants awarded each year is dependent on the number of members. Our goal is to give incremental grants of $100,000 each year.

For more information about how Impact100 started, see our council story.

We welcome your membership in this unique philanthropic movement that is making a real impact in Martin County.

The Impact100 Model

Started in Cincinnati in 2001 by Wendy Steele, Impact100 empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our local community. There are currently over 60 chapters around the world. The Impact100 model is readily available to all communities who wish to implement it.  It is designed for transformational grant-making within local communities, with a minimum grant size of $100,000.

At Least 100 Women
Come Together

Each Woman
Donates $1,000

is donated to a
Local Charity

*For Impact100 Martin, the membership contribution is $1,100:
$1,000 will go toward the grant, while $100 will help cover administrative expenses.

Join Impact

Our Organization

Front row: Maureen Cotter, Sue Whittington, Brigite Babine, Kelly McIntyre. Back Row:  Beth Lonnes, Lisa Goodmaster, Roseann Wolcott, Joan Gibbons.

2023-2024 Board members

President: Maureen Cotter
Vice President: Sue Whittington
Treasurer: Genevieve George
Secretary: Kimberly Rosen
Membership: Ann Barwig and Lisa Goodmaster
Grants: Joan Gibbons and Kelly McIntyre
Events: Beth Lonnes and Kim Rosen
Communications: Brigite Babine
Member Engagement: Roseann Wolcott
Sponsorship: Sue Whittington

Impact100 Martin is governed by a Board composed of volunteers from each year’s members. Policies are consistent with the Impact100 Council.

There is also an Advisory Committee to work on special projects, as needed, with the following members:

Arati Hammond, Elaine Matts, Tracy Sorzano, Linda Weiksnar and Nancy Wong

Impact100 Martin is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  We partner with The Community Foundation Martin-St. Lucie to optimize our grantmaking and its impact on our community. We are grateful for the support of Elizabeth Barbella, President/CEO and Ellie Gundrania, Program Officer.