Once you join Impact 100 Martin, your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can simply join, learn about the finalists and cast your vote at the annual Grant Awards Celebration.  If you’d like, you can attend ongoing membership socials throughout the year, or host a membership gathering in your home.  You can also become actively involved in one of our four committees, whose responsibilities are outlined below:



  • Ensure minimum of 100 women members annually.
  • Maintain existing members from year to year.
  • Cultivate potential members to grow membership in increments of 100.
  • Work with TCFMSL to update membership roster with contact information.
  • Help members identify their preferred Impact 100 Martin role, if any.


  • Recommend grant areas of focus and eligibility requirements.
  • Revise/update all materials, as needed, for Letter of Intent (LOI) and Grant Application instructions and forms.
  • Conduct Grants Workshop with TCFMSL.
  • Review and rate all LOI and Grant Application submissions. Conduct site visits, as needed.
  • Select and introduce top finalists for membership to vote on at awards event.
  • Track winning program/project progress with TCFMSL.


  • Identify date, time and location for annual award event.
  • Recommend event budget.
  • Seek individual and company sponsorships to fund event and other operating expenses.
  • Prepare printed program and script for event.
  • Work with Grants Committee to coordinate finalists presentations and implement voting by members.
  • Work with Membership Committee to plan and hold member retention and cultivation events.


  • Develop annual internal and external communications plan and timeline.
  • Develop Impact 100 Martin materials as needed, including awards program and invitations.
  • Provide, at minimum, quarterly postings to full membership through e-newsletter and special email updates.
  • Manage media and PR activities pre and post Grants Workshop, Grant Awards and other key events, including photos and press releases.
  • Seek social media/other opportunities to feature Impact 100 Martin.

To download and print an Impact 100 Martin Experience and Interest Form, please click here.