The Impact100 Martin NextGen Program seeks to give the next generation of women – particularly those who may not have the financial resources – an opportunity to become Impact100 Martin members and engage with the community while learning the lessons of philanthropy. The program aims to empower and inspire young women of our community to involve themselves more fully in giving and serving the needs of Martin County.

Members and friends of Impact100 Martin interested in supporting and mentoring a NextGen member will contribute $1,100 to a scholarship account.  Would you like to sponsor the next generation of philanthropists?

NextGen members will:

  • Receive a scholarship of $750 to be used in the first year of membership to help pay the $1,100 membership donation, followed by a scholarship of $350 to be used in the second year of membership. The NextGen member will be responsible for the full membership of $1,100 the third year.
  • Enjoy full membership privileges during the two-year scholarship period, including the opportunity to participate in the grant-making process and to cast a vote for the grant finalists.
  • Be exposed to and learn about the work being done by the nonprofit organizations in Martin County.
  • Have the chance to network with and be mentored by a group of women committed to philanthropy and community service.

NextGen applicants should:

  • Not be a current member of Impact100 Martin.
  • Be women 21 through 40 years of age who are looking to further their philanthropic and community involvement.
  • Live or work in Martin County and have a commitment to making a positive impact within the community.
  • Be available to attend several important Impact100 Martin meetings and events and participate on the Grants committee or one of the other standing committees.
  • Be able to pay $350 in membership donations for the first year of membership, $750 in membership donations for the second year of membership and the entire $1,100 for the third year of membership.
  • Commit to at least a three-year period of membership in Impact100 Martin.