New Look, Same Mission

New Look, Same Mission

Impact100 Martin is celebrating our 4th year with a fresh look and feel. We are one of the early chapters to update our logo, colors and website to align with the new Impact100 unified branding strategy. The strategy is to create a unified central brand that will make Impact100 increasingly recognizable as an empowered female philanthropic organization nationally and worldwide while being able to be customized to meet the needs of local chapters.

Seastar Icon

The flowering seastar stems from Impact100 founder Wendy Steele’s passion for the sea and the starfish it supports, blended with her vision for Impact100 to reach beyond the sea to the stars. It’s both a seven-petaled flower and a seven-pointed star inspired in shape and form by the starfish and the seagrass that nourishes and provides a haven to the starfish. The flowering seastar unleashes the organization from the limitations of the starfish and represents the transition from the individual to the collective, from the past to the future and from the sea to the stars.

Impact100 Branding

The space between Impact and 100 has been removed to merge two separate strong ideas into one new brand name. The color lavender was chosen for our organization of philanthropic women because it represents a serious confident version of femininity and it is associated with welcoming, caring, inspiring, uplifting, vitality and transformation.

Chapter Sub-Brand Customization

At the top of the website is our new chapter logo, utilizing the icon and branding of our Impact100 parent but customized with the ocean color and special font to reflect the character of our chapter and area. We have maintained and are using our nautilus icon in the wallpaper pattern with the ocean color. We are also continuing to use the tangerine/orange color as a complement to the lavender and ocean colors.

Same Mission

Though our look is changing, we are more dedicated than ever to our mission: Women creating positive, lasting change in our community through collective giving. Thanks to our members, in our first three years, Impact100 Martin has awarded $482,000 to area nonprofits providing services to Martin County.

We hope you are excited about our new look, what we have accomplished together so far, and the future of our chapter. Please help us to continue making an impact in our 4th year!