Impact100 Martin Book Club

Hello fellow book lovers, welcome to our first Impact Book Cub!

Interested in reviewing and discussing intriguing fiction and nonfiction books by or about people who have made a significant impact? Then you’ll love our Impact Book Club!
Join us as we read My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir  by  Noelle Hancock

My Year with Eleanor is a memoir of a young woman who decides to face her fears. The author, Noelle Hancock, was inspired by an Eleanor Roosevelt quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

If you want to meet new members with the shared interest of reading, and discuss My Year with Eleanor join us on November 11 for our discussion. While this will be an informal gathering, we ask that you please read the book if you plan to attend.

Snacks will be provided.  Attendees may bring their own beverages.



Golden Gate Center
Port Salerno
3225 SE Dixie Hwy