Individuals, businesses and family foundations can support Impact100 Martin by making a gift of any size. They can play an important role in our organization by:

  • Sponsoring or buying an ad for the April Grant Awards Celebration
  • Making a donation to support operating expenses
  • Sponsoring a specific woman for membership for one year
  • Sponsoring a scholarship for a young NextGen Program applicant

The NextGen Program aims to empower and inspire young women to involve themselves more fully in giving and serving the needs of Martin County. Sponsors interested in supporting a NextGen member will contribute $1,100 to a scholarship account maintained by The Community Foundation, with balance remaining in the account even if the NextGen member does not continue in the program for the 2nd year. For a full description of the NextGen Program. click here.

Please note that your sponsorship|donation does not provide you with voting rights, which only comes with your own membership.

To become a sponsor or make a donation, use our payment link or download the appropriate form(s):

  • ¬†Sponsorship or donation payment link. click here
  • Grant Awards Celebration sponsorship or program ad information. click here
  • Donation for operating expenses or donation to sponsor a member. click here

and send to Impact 100 Martin, 851 SE Monterey Commons Blvd., Stuart, FL 34996 or call 772-288-3795 for more information.